Hi Everyone,

There has been some and mis-understanding around the confusion with the recent tweet from myself, circulating around social media.

Here, I will discuss so everyone is made clear to understand.

Science for Sport have recently launched their Coach Academy product which was seen to feature a range of products and services, with one in-particular catching my attention.

My tweet was in retaliation to something of which I thought was communicated. This lead to the result of a mix up in communications between relevant parties.

I myself, have no ill-feeling and nothing but the up-most respect to Owen and his team at Science for Sport. He has managed to create from scratch, the number one resource for Sport Science through the commitment and hard-work of his team.

We have managed to speak about the matter as adults should, and we have put this behind us.

This is an industry of full of cynicism, frequent critique and coaches trying to prove points on social media. We are under-represented as coaches financially and many of us choose to create our own businesses. I am in full support of that. We should look at this as an example and taken a lesson from this.

People get drawn in by controversy which is a shame, something which is a constant narrative within our field on social media. Instead, we should be looking to push the envelope to facilitate better paid jobs, continue to innovate practise and build as an industry.

Finally, there has been speculation that my business partner may have played a part in this, which I will shut-down. This was a mix in communication. Nothing more, nothing less.

We hope to move on from this and put it behind us.

Daunté Crawford

Director of Aesthetic Athletes